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About Ideagen Horizons

Horizons brings together hundreds of our customers from multiple industries and countries for a fun, exclusive and informative event which is driven by our customers and delivers what they want to see, hear and share.

These unique events give attendees the opportunity to hear from industry experts, gain updates & insights from our Product Managers, participate in Masterzone sessions with our Support team, network with fellow product users and meet professionals to share best practice across different disciplines and industries.

Horizons events will leave you with enhanced product knowledge, exclusive insight into what’s around the corner for Ideagen and our products, new learnings to bring to your role, as well as a greater network pool and business connections.

What To Expect

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Product Roadmaps

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Master Classes

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Networking Hub

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Customer Presentations

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Gala Dinner

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Industry Expert Speakers

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Meet Your Account Managers

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